Unlocking Potential Through Purpose

My days in elite sport taught me about purpose and that’s what guides and shapes my current efforts. I try and support organisations in their efforts to articulate a vision to allow them to find and develop their own performance through purpose.

Lessons from elite sport and aviation to transform talent, inspire leadership excellence and drive sustainable growth.


It's the journey, not the destination

They say that sports people die twice. Re-defining your sense of self and adjusting to a different lifestyle once that career is over, can be emotionally and psychologically demanding.

I've now experienced two more "deaths"!

The first was when I turned my back on a career in aviation, and the second when I suffered a heart attack. Whilst it wasn't a traumatic event, it was enough to make me re-evaluate my priorities!

I’m not going to lie, the last couple of years have been tough to navigate. Like many of us, I faced a life-changing decision: take the easy route, and return to the skies, or to back myself, adapt and carve out a future down a completely different path?

Stay in the comfort zone of what I know or embrace the challenge of entering the unknown?

Truth be told, a driving force led me to choose the latter. Although it was rewarding to have the privilege of being in charge of an A380, one aspect of the role was frustrating. Working with a group of strangers on every trip, trying hard to try to create a bond and collective spirit, only to return home and watch all that evaporate with each bag collected off the carousel, led to a dissatisfying existence. The constant cycle of returning to start the whole process again, again and again felt like a never-ending Groundhog Day.

While I gained valuable experiences and learned many lessons in aviation, that nagging sense of dissatisfaction became a decisive factor in looking elsewhere.

My days in elite sport taught me about purpose, specifically performance through purpose, which aviation never quite provided. This realisation guides and shapes my current efforts. I strive to support organisations in articulating a higher purpose that goes beyond mere business objectives. By focusing on this greater purpose, they can achieve even greater business success as an outcome.

That's why I chose this path, and I feel honoured and immensely excited to find an outlet through the various projects I have undertaken. Working with truly amazing people, I am dedicated to achieving another dimension of performance through purpose...

The Trust Centred Leadership programme utilises proven strategies from aviation, sport, and industry to help leaders establish trust. It is not a theoretical discourse on how you do leadership. Instead it brings alive stories from my time in the flight deck, as well as between the touch lines, using visceral lessons to help leaders connect with what they need to do.

"Leaders prioritise trust to inspire commitment, not just compliance."

Three hugely influential ex teammates were cruelly taken away from us recently.
Although they’re no longer with us, these special individuals left their mark on everyone that knew them. You don’t always remember what they said or did, but what stays with you is how they made you feel.

They can never be replaced but we can attempt to model their behaviour so that their legacy continues to live on in others. It’s a gift we’ve been given, and we want to pay it forward so that others can do so too.

Change brings with it the challenge of uncertainty, but more than that it brings opportunity.

To embrace change you need robust, world class basics and an environment in which your team are able to adapt. You cannot have these things unless your team are engaged and committed to strive for excellence, and have the resilience that enables them to thrive under pressure: the kind of team that you need to succeed in the world of elite sport or aviation, and I propose in your world too.

Challenges, big and small, face us all, they do not need to turn in to a crisis if we have strengthened resilience. Resilience is something you can learn and nurture, it does however take determination and self discipline. Rugby players and commercial pilots are trained in resilience, how to use their expertise to manage a problem and avoid a crisis.

Learn how these lessons can be applied to life.

Performance through Purpose

Discover how TU Consulting combines emotional intelligence, human factors consulting, change/strategy consulting, trust leadership, and resilience coaching to drive transformative learning experiences for companies seeking to develop their talent. Our fusion of elite sports and aviation principles with the business world creates an environment where success is inevitable.


Our Approach

We believe that how we make people feel is paramount, and our approach is all about empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and equip them so that they can realise their own ambitions.


Our Values

At TU Consulting, we value trust, client focus, and building long-term relationships.

  • Professional but inspirational.

  • Humility

  • Exude confidence, expertise, and a genuine desire to help clients succeed.

  • Empowering clients to believe in their potential for growth and improvement.

  • Add value through our insights into peak performance and success psychology.

  • Approachable/relatable

  • Avoid using overly technical jargon

  • Passionate about talent development and the positive impact it can have on both individuals and organisations.

  • Results-Oriented for what our clients can expect from our experiential learning approach and unique background


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